International Development Opportunity Initiative (IDOI) invites

1) WASSC/Diploma/BA/BSc holders below 35yrs for

the 4th session of Advanced Skills Training in the following:

-Education for Sustainable Development

-Organisational Development & Strategic Management

-Leadership & Corporate Governance

-Business Management & Entrepreneurship

-Social Innovation & NGO Management

-Health Care / Social Care Management

-Human Rights & Social Protection

-ICT & Electronic Governance

-Gender & Peace Promotion

-Youth Development & Leadership

Study Options: Online /Week-end /Regular

2) BA/BSc holders who run businesses/NGOs/CBOs OR past trainees of IDOI-CAST for the 2nd Mastery Executive Training Programme in:

  a) Mastering Leadership in Business Entrepreneurship

  b) Mastering Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship

  c) Mastering Leadership in Health &Social Care

  d) Mastering Leadership in Community Development

Study Options: Online /Week-end /Regular

All trainees for the above programmes will get partial scholarship, android phone, learn web programming, proposal writing, get int’l internship/placement OR project funds for their viable projects among other opportunities.

3) Anyone interested in 5-day short courses in any of the above listed training programmes

 Study Options: Week-end /Regular

How to Apply:

Apply with your CV to

Closing Date:  Please check the Daily Graphic