International Development Opportunity Initiative in collaboration with TARTPLUS is carrying out a training programme for young graduates, leaders and professionnals. This training program is on 70% scholarship with other special benefits. If you are 18 to 35 years and you hold a Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor’s of Art / Bachelor’s of Science), then take up this opportunity to enhance yourself.

10 different tracks are available for this programme. They are :

  • Organizational Leadership & Corporate Governance
  • Business Growth & Entrepreneurship
  • Community Engagement & Civic Leadership
  • Applied Human Rights & Social Justice
  • Global Citizenship & Intercultural Communication
  • ICT & Electronic Governance
  • Design Thinking & Strategic Management
  • Transformational Leadership & Sustainable Dev’t
  • Compassionate Integrity & Emotional Intelligence
  • Education for Social Change

What is each track really about ?

Organizational Leadership & Corporate Governance

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their executive skills in organizational development, organizational leadership and corporate governance.

It is one thing to build an organization or a group or an entity. However, it is totally a different thing to lead the said entity to grow and succeed. Understanding the principles, policies and best practices in organizational leadership and corporate governance will help to promote systematic growth while helping to avoid grievous mistakes or errors that can cost the organization and the leadership. This way, we could save time, energy and resources for better use in promoting the organization’s growth.

This training will therefore help trainees to understand what really works, to be able to assess or diagnose the efficiency of organizational systems and structures that are (need to be) in place and take steps to improve them to become solid so as to promote the growth and success of the organization.

Business Growth & Entrepreneurship

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their professional competences in building customer-centered solutions and monetizing value added solutions to ensure the target-customers are not only satisfied but fulfilled; while taking practical steps to develop feasible businesses and growing same using agile business growth strategies among others.

Sharpening the ability to solve problem, creating value and appropriate solution for customers are the main ways to continue to stay relevant and generate income in business. To build a winning business to deliver value to customers /help satisfy their needs, there is the need for Founders and CEOs to recruit builders and not joiners into their business team.

This training will help trainees to understand how to build an agile business that will deliver satisfactory services and products to the targeted customers and generate multiple streams of income and thus becoming financially sustainable.

Community Engagement & Civic Leadership

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their expertise in advancing the cause of society at any level using individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern.

Civic leadership is one of the ways to address the many opportunities and challenges our states and communities have, thus, complementing the efforts of state actors and other non-state actors.

This training will empower beneficiary trainees to work with relevant stakeholders to promote productive (civic) engagement between state actors, non-state actors and the citizenry; to promote inclusion and governing with diversity; and processes involved in promoting impactful civic leadership and engagement.

Applied Human Rights & Social Justice

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their skills in promoting and protecting human rights locally, nationally and internationally.

In order to deal with present-day challenges generated by digitalization, globalization, neoliberalism as well as Global crises including migration crisis, socio-economic inequalities, climate change or threats to data protection, etc., there is the need for an interdisciplinary human rights discourse and practice.

This training will equip trainees with practical, ethical and critical knowledge coupled with  skills and attitudes that can promote and protect human rights through joining forces across borders, generations, genders, professions, cultures, political opinions, socio-economic backgrounds and scientific disciplines as may be appropriate.

Global Citizenship & Intercultural Communication

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their knowledge, skills and attitude in Global Citizenship & Intercultural Communication.

In bid to promote peaceful co-existence, there is the need for grooming leaders and professionals who will rise to the occasion of promoting actions, initiatives and programmes that will project the awareness of the interconnectedness among people of all languages, races and religions for a common goal.

This training will equip global professionals with intercultural knowledge, skills, attitudes and values so that they can be positioned to promote intercultural communication competently to engender peaceful co-existence through various programmes on the globe.

ICT & Electronic Governance

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their expertise in electronic governance in a digital age in a globalized world.

The process of globalization may very well entail both a reduction of income disparities among countries, and increasing income inequalities within others. Key aspects of digitalization like e-publishing, e-interaction, e-transaction, etc., will be considered in the context of globalization.

This training will help trainees to understand the process of both digitalization and digitization so as to build or upgrade their expertise to become relevant leaders in promoting smart development processes sweeping across the globe in the 21st century and beyond. This way we can be able to close the digital divide between the developed nations and developing countries in terms of skills and competences.

Design Thinking & Strategic Management

This Advanced Training Programme is aimed at helping our trainees to upgrade their competences in devising innovative plans and creative strategies as professionals, managers and leaders.

In a global and a competitive space where innovation and creativity are the determinants of any process, product or solution’s uniqueness, there is no better time to groom our target professionals than now. The world needs leaders and managers who have the capability to create new opportunities for their teams, organizations and clients.

This training will help our beneficiary trainees to understand how to employ strategic innovation and visual thinking in creating new and unique opportunities for their organizations and groups so that they can lead ahead of others in excellence.

Transformational Leadership & Sustainable Dev’t

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their executive or leadership skills in their organizations, communities or society and thus imparting their people positively.

Observation teaches us that those who have made history, imparted their society and left their footprints in the soil of history did so because of their transformational leadership skills. It is the enduring influence of the leader that determines his or her legacy at both personal and professional levels. We cannot have a better time to groom positive change leaders than now.

This training will prepare trainees in building enduring leadership legacy through practical ethical leadership, visionary and succession planning, creating a niche and unique value for their organizations and others to identify with, among others. Trainees will be challenged through thoughtful processes by which they can continuously develop their own leadership skills as well as helping their teams and organizations to develop their leadership skills.

Compassionate Integrity & Emotional Intelligence

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their professional skills in promoting emotional and ethical support services to all without variation.

Developing the relevant soft skills and utilizing same with proficiency is the way to touch the hurting world through people half-way. Understanding the principles and best practices that works in promoting social, ethical, and emotional service competently will go a long way to heal and sooth the hurt or pain of the world. Thus, making our world a better place for all.

This training will equip trainees to take steps to instill hope, promote respect and dignity to clients and alleviate pain. We seek to promote wholeness and wellness of people through training well rounded professionals who are in the human services.

Education for Social Change

This Advanced Training Programme is designed to help our trainees to upgrade their professional competence in initiating and implementing social change and managing same successfully.

It is said that an important ‘development’ challenge for education is to empower students, by helping them develop those special talents and attitudes that will enable them to become effective social change agents. This is one of the objectives of this training.

This training will equip trainees to understand and initiate effective change among potential change makers locally and internationally by identifying, reaching out to and grooming potential change makers through various educational /training and  community projects.

What benefits are associated with the training ?

  • Some trainees will get International Internship / Job placement
  • Other trainees will get Masters Scholarships abroad
  • Project funding support exists for some trainees
  • Trainees applying as teams will get extra bonuses
  • You’ll get smart phones loaded with trg materials
  • Mentoring/technical support exist for trainees

Training Options

  • Online
  • Week-end

Closing date

Applications for this programme should be received latest by 28th February,2022.

How do I apply ?

The application consists of a simple process which requires you to fill in a Google Form at :

Your application will be reviewed shortly after you submit the google form. A feedback will then be sent to you.