About us

International Development Opportunity Initiative (IDOI) was established in 2015  to promote education for sustainable development through provision of avenues for technical support services, employable skills training, counselling, orientation, facilitation of internship and job placement  among students, young graduates, young  entrepreneurs and young leaders.

Through its Centre for Advanced Skills Development & Training (CAST), IDOI provides strategic and innovative education and practical skills training programmes aimed at equipping the emerging leaders with relevant knowledge, useful practical life skills, appropriate attitudes/values and opportunities with which they can shape and or reshape their lives, their communities and the society for sustainable socio-economic development.

What we do

how we help you
  • Need assessment (research) & tailored programme development
  • Capacity building and training including coaching and mentoring
  • Organisational Development & Business Support Services
  • Information sharing Seminars & Workshops
  • Counselling, orientation and facilitated internships/job placements
  • Technical Support & Advisory services for self-initiated projects/ventures
Managing team

Our Team


Mr. Mawuli Mensah

Programme Officer


Mr. Carlos A.S. Akpinfa



Ms. Grace Atitsogbui